Need to Sell an Inherited Property?

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When a relative passes away, the magnitude of that loss, is sometimes the only thing that is given attention. The grief consumes in an unimaginable way and many times the relative who is tasked with the responsibilities of distributing the estate is unsure of where to start and what to do.

At First Capital Homes, we deal with many families that find themselves heirs to an estate that includes a property. Some cases can be simple; the relative may have left a will detailing who the beneficiaries are, while in most instances no will is left behind and the situation becomes complicated.

Our end goal is to assist the family through a time of extreme difficulty. We work at your pace, giving you the time that you need to come to terms with your grief while simultaneously ensuring that the estate is distributed with respect to the wishes of the deceased or by equally splitting up the proceeds from the estate in relation to the property.

Whether you have a will that has yet to be probated with the threat of foreclosure looming or no estate has been started, we can work with you to complete the surrogate process and pay off whatever debts are outstanding.