Financial Freedom is our Business

We work hard with homeowners, to assure successful and legitimate transactions.

Real Estate transaction is the most important financial
decisions you’ll make in your lifetime

Let experts guide you

At First Capital Homes we pride ourselves on being a full service company; your one stop shop to financial freedom. From the minute you meet with us, our team assesses your file based on your specific needs and plan a solution to get you to where you want to be in life. Many homeowners or property owners who find themselves with a property that is experiencing financial distress is often times overwhelmed by the situation.

From the initial meeting, we aim to gather as much information about your financial situation in order to provide answers. We provide services to our clients that many other companies in the industry do not:

  • Eviction of Non-Paying/Squatting Tenants: if you own an investment property or a multi-unit family in New York, you may have encountered a tenant who refuses to pay or cannot pay. Many owners find themselves in financial difficulty due to not receiving rental income from their properties. Trying to evict a tenant can take up to 12 months or more. Further burying yourself into financial debt by hiring attorneys to handle your case. Our eviction attorneys, on your behalf, work to come to a resolution with the non-paying or squatting tenants.
  • Relocation/Storage: we have an in-house relocation team that works closely with you to get you and your family into new living areas that you can afford to get you back on your feet. You tell us what you’re looking for, what you can afford, where you want to move to and we get you pre-approved before taking a look at your new accommodations. Whether you’re looking to stay in the same neighborhood or move across country to another state, we relocate you anywhere within the USA.
  • Negotiating personal liens: Liens that are of a personal nature can sometimes present against your property. We work with the companies that have placed the liens against your property and get them negotiated down so that it will be included as part of your settlement. Singling out each personal judgement against your property and working to have it reduced to the smallest amount or in some cases having it forgiven outright. When we get to the closing table, you receive a letter of satisfaction as proof that the lien no longer holds any merit and will be paid off.
  • Property Clean Up: At the end of the process, when we have gotten all your liens negotiated down, and is ready to move towards a closing, we only require you to take the items that you want from the property. We do not need you to do clean up. Many companies require the property to be “broom clean” (clear of all personal items). At First Capital Homes, whatever you do not want to take with you, you can leave behind. Our clean-up crew will handle the rest.